Virginia López Calvo

Minutes before the stroke of midnight on 1 November, we rushed to send our proposal to the European Commission. our proposal for the European Commission's consultation on the classification of microplastics as toxic waste.

We wanted to hurry up the deadline for the consultation in order to be able to enclose every last support for our proposal. We had managed to agree with the Commission a few weeks earlier that instead of each individual submitting our proposal, we could submit it together with their support. 27,000 people support our efforts to change the laws to better protect our waters!

It was then, after sending the files, that it dawned on us: why not help multiply citizen efforts like this by opening our own petition platform?

If you share our values and have identified a cause that could contribute to a sustainable environment in the Canary Islands, launch a petition from our platform. At Canarias Archipiélago Sostenible we provide you with tools and human resources to create petitions and design campaigns. Free of charge.

Send us your petition proposal and share this article with anyone who might be interested.

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