This is a huge opportunity. Following the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, around 2 billion euros have been allocated to our islands to overcome the crisis, and reshape our economy, making it more sustainable and resilient to future crises. These are the funds known as Next Generation EU (NGEU) - or 'Next Generation EU Funds'.


Ensuring the transformative nature
of Next Generation EU funds

We are aware of the current importance for the islands of allocating funds to projects that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as with the European Commission's condition that at least 37% of European recovery funds should seek to mitigate the climate crisis. For this reason, and with the aim of influencing the public agenda, at Canarias Archipiélago Sostenible we seek to promote investments in sustainable projects, demand transparency in the tendering processes for public subsidies and aid and promote the participation of citizens in assessing the impact of investments in the archipelago.

It is our responsibility as Canarian citizens to organise ourselves to demand transparency about how every euro is spent, as well as channels for information and participation. This is the only way to turn it into a story of change, from the bottom up.

Recovery, transformation and resilience funds cannot be invested in business as usual, promoting the same economic model that has led us into this health, climate, environmental and economic crisis.


Next Generation EU Watch
Observatory for Ecological Transition in the Canaries

The Observatory is a multi-sectoral and independent initiative that promotes the meeting of social agents, private entities, public administrations and other representatives of the Canarian society with the aim of analysing, debating and promoting the optimal implementation of the investments coming from the Next Generation EU funds.

The research and assessment work of the Next Generation EU Watch Observatory consists of monitoring, analysing and measuring the impact of financial flows from European recovery, transformation and resilience funds to transformative projects that are aligned with the Canary Islands Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030. All this is based on the following indicators:

1. Responsibility: How do the authorities ensure that there is accountability and results from the companies and entities in charge of implementation? 2.

2. Transparency: How are the processes of promotion, tendering and allocation of grants and subsidies carried out in order to ensure equal access to them, including for small and medium-sized entities?

3. Impact: To what extent is progress made towards sustainability and addressing the climate crisis, as well as social welfare?

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