A participatory project that seeks to
to promote the circular economy
and reduce waste production

A space where citizens can learn first-hand about a circular economy model: the repair and reuse of objects and textiles in disuse or damaged.

An environment that channels the creativity and talent of the many artisans of LPGC, while supporting their professional work and helping to de-emphasize it.

An integrated centre offering repair and revaluation workshop, flea market, exhibition, internships for students, training for adults and entertainment for children.


Because it would help citizens to become familiar with a type of economy that is already being promoted by the European Union and that it is essential to adopt in order to face climate change and other environmental challenges of our era.

Because it would offer citizens an alternative pastime that incorporates learning and entertainment.

Because it would give visibility to the work of local artisans, helping them to generate income and to make their economic situation less precarious.

Because it would give an outlet to materials and objects, both from individuals, companies or institutions, damaged or disused, thus reducing the total production of waste in LPGC.


"Give it another life. Don't throw it away, give it another life!"

We want to create a thematic space around the circular economy, its culture and practice, which would be open daily (with two days off per week) to the public.

The space would integrate several functions with the main objective of serving as a point of contact and learning for the citizens of LPGC (and the rest of the island) about the coming economy: the circular one. To help the public understand what this concept consists of, and to do so in an attractive and enjoyable way, the following activities are proposed within the space:

Daily activities:

* textile repair and revaluation workshops (clothing, bedding or household linen such as curtains or tablecloths, upholstery, etc.) as well as furniture and household objects.

Interested craftsmen and women would be offered the opportunity to offer their repair or revaluation services in a centralized point, with traffic and publicity, where they could increase their sales and therefore their income. Students from various relevant disciplines would also be offered to support the work of the artisans and thus give them the opportunity to start entering the job market.

* market of repaired and revalued objects (when their owners have preferred to donate the original damaged or disused materials).

Occasional activities (weekly or monthly):

training for adults: one-day workshops to learn how to repair at home with the help of craftsmen from the city,

workshops for children: workshops to help children understand the value not only of recycling, but also of reducing, reusing and repairing.


Do you live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and want to participate in this project?


We want to help you get it going.